VA Benefits Taking Too Long? – Learn How To Get Them Faster

Waiting for VA benefits to finally kick in can be like planning your dream vacation three years from now and having to cross off the spaces on the calendar until the big day arrives.  It is so frustrating that most Americans will have to wait up to 36 months for the money that they have earned unless they apply through a qualified professional who can help them to get their benefits faster.

If you want to get your money in less time you need to determine if you are eligible and apply for VA benefits through an expert who knows all the legalities of this topic.  Just because you have a lawyer friend who has handled other issues for you in the past does not mean that you have to remain loyal to them.  This is your money and you should do what you need to make sure that you receive it faster!

Do You Qualify?

There are basically three things to consider when determining if you qualify for VA benefits being your military history, current assets and your health.

•    Service – Did you serve at least one day during wartime or were you honorably discharged?  Were you active for at least 90 days?  If so, chances are very good that you are entitled to VA benefits.

•    Assets – Your military status does not necessarily guarantee that you will receive benefits, you also need take your assets into consideration.  As a rule, your retirement funds, investments and secondary property cannot exceed $50,000 for a single veteran or $80,000 for a qualifying individual who is married.

•    Health – There is an Aid and Attendance Pension that is specifically designed to assist in covering costs of long-term medical care.  It grants you supplemental income based entirely on your condition.  To qualify, you need to require assistance for daily activities, be close to blind or legally blind or reside in some type of extended care facility.

How do You Apply?

While you can apply for VA benefits on your own, it is rarely a recommended option.  Although you may be able to fill out the complicated application on your own, only a qualified professional will be able to handle arbitration should you run into conflict.  Not to mention, an expert in the field can get you your money in a fraction of the time.  When choosing an attorney to handle this process for you, make sure that they are someone who specializes in VA benefits so they can get you every penny that you deserve.

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Do I qualify for veterans benefits?”  He founded The Heartland Law Firm and is considered Chicago’s expert in holistic Elderlaw planning and VA benefits.  Marty loves that the internet has made it easy for people to seek the answers and help to the questions and needs they have, especially on this complicated topic.

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