Seniors: Now You Can Have More Security With Less Effort

If you have thought about or are currently paying for a safe deposit box at a bank to store your important documents, cash, jewels or collectables, you should know this isn’t your best option.  In 2010 alone, 157 banks in the United States failed or were seized by the United States government.  What’s more disturbing is that there are currently 860 banks on the FDIC’s problem list, 442 of which are in immediate danger.

While you can hope that your bank isn’t one, the truth is, they are scattered in nearly every state.  Can you really feel safe knowing your valuables are in a bank?  Not to mention, there has been between 6,000 and 7,000 bank robberies per year in the past decade, a number that surprisingly decreased from an 8,800 average in the 1990s.  Still feel like your valuables are safe?

Why Pay the Bank?

An average cost for the very smallest safe deposit box at a bank that will hold minimal documents is $25 per year.  Now, larger boxes that you can actually store jewels, coins and other valuables can run up to $500 per year depending on the size, bank and location.  Do you know you can have a Gardall safe installed in your home for a fraction of that cost?  This is a fee you pay once, not every year!  Why would you pay a yearly fee to a bank that really cannot offer you a solid peace of mind when you can buy yourself a safe and save that expense?

Are Home Safes Trustworthy?

If you haven’t shopped around for a home safe lately, you will be pleasantly surprised to find just how reliable some of these models really are.  They are designed to keep out burglars and many are fireproof.  This means that depending on the material, your particular safe is made with it will keep your contents unharmed for anywhere from a half hour up to two hours or more which is more than enough time for the fire department to do their job.

You will also find that there are safes that are waterproof which is essential with all the natural disasters happening everywhere lately.  Most are completely indestructible which means that no matter if they are dropped from a high building or if several floors collapse on them, nothing inside will be damaged.

Save Money On Insurance

If you are looking for ways to cut your expenses like most people are you should take a look at your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.  Most companies will offer a significant discount if a home safe is being utilized because they know if there is a disaster, your most valuable items are tucked away safely which means the insurance company won’t be having to cover such belongings.

Adding a safe to your home just makes sense.  It’s a one time expense that isn’t nearly as much as you may think and then you’ll save money in insurance and bank fees.  Not to mention, wouldn’t it be nice to know your valuables are within reach and not somewhere across town?

About the Author

Richard Hoppers is married, living in North Texas and spending as much time as he can in the Weminuche Wilderness area in Colorado where he loves backpacking.  He understands the concern with banks becoming unreliable and individuals looking for ways to cut expenses yet maintain an increased level of security.  Richard is very knowledgeable in residential and business safes so he concentrates on helping consumers with their Gardall or FireKing safe purchases.

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