Travel Tips For Baby Boomers On A Budget

Ways to find more affordable travel

Baby Boomers are traveling like no other retirement generation. Not only is this group of individuals looking to travel domestically, but also abroad. And while many of these individuals have saved specifically for this purpose, others are looking to get the biggest bang for their bucks when it comes to travel. Follow the tips as outlined below to travel in style on a fixed or limited travel budget.

Fly When Airfare is Low

The prices for airfare travel fluctuate not only daily, but seasonally by airlines. And, the time of year or time during the week can also impact the price of airfare. One of the greatest benefits of being retired is the flexibility in schedules. Because you have the ability to travel during non-peak days, search for airfares that are available to your desired destination during the middle of the week. Use the internet to search for fares and set alerts for the specific locations you desire to travel to. The airlines or travel sites will send you a notification when the airfare pricing drops for those locations Travelocity SAVES You 20{0eefa93492ed3ec1a557757200f06e244723d602df8d66f18c47536a9e40d3d0} or MORE on Air Fares. Another option for lower airfare is to choose flights with connections rather than those which are direct. Even though this flight option will add a slight amount of inconvenience to your schedule, the savings may be able to offset it. Or, you could search multiple airports within your geographic area for pricing. In some cases, driving an hour or two to a nearby airport may offer you a tremendous amount of savings.

Fly During the Off Season

If you desire to travel to international destinations, choose travel dates which fall in the off season for those specific areas. For example, Summer hotspots may offer tremendous cost savings for travelers during the Winter months (September-January). You can find seasonal information by searching tourist websites for each country or region you are interested in traveling to. And if a cruise is something that is more to your liking, check out the cruise lines like for their deals.

Hotel Shopping

If you are not a hotel diva traveler, you can save money in the choice of your hotel rooms. In many cases, you will be spending little time in the hotel, so you may not even notice the quality of the space you are sleeping in. Search for hotels which have fewer amenities and that are less elaborate. Use hotel points when possible and be sure to sign up for all hotel rewards programs. If you plan to travel a great deal during retirement, these savings will add up! You can also choose rooms with double beds as opposed to a king sized. And yet another way to save on hotels is to leverage hotel shopping websites and auction sites where you are guaranteed the lowest price for the rooms, or that allow you to place a bid for the price you are willing to pay per evening.

Budget for Food and Beverages while on Vacation

Well, you are certainly going to need to eat while on vacation! And, certainly there is no reason why you can’t enjoy great food, wherever you decide to travel, while working on a budget. One easy way you can limit the cost associated with dining while on vacation is to eat breakfast in your room- choose pastries and other items which do not require refrigeration from a local bakery and enjoy local flair without the inflated price tags. And, when choosing restaurants to enjoy your other meals, limit your large meals to once per day, instead of  both lunch and dinner.

Although we have been looking at  travel on a budget don’t forget some of the luxury resorts are available at up to 65{0eefa93492ed3ec1a557757200f06e244723d602df8d66f18c47536a9e40d3d0} off the regular prices at certain times of the year, so always check out your options. Don’t discount the fact that you may be able to enjoy more luxury than you thought that you could afford check out some of the great all inclusive resort there are often real deals that come up.

With these easy solutions, you can limit the total price of your domestic or international travel during your retirement years.

Contributed by Julie Welch

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