Leading A Positive Life Over 50 Has Many Benefits

Shirley Price

Are you someone that tends to spend more time focusing on what’s negative in your life than what’s positive?  If this sounds like you; then it’s time to change your focus because a positive life over 50 has many benefits to enhancing the quality of your life as you age.

We all need to be aware and compassionate of our environment and what happens around us and there are some pretty disturbing and upsetting things at times. However, many of those that do tend to focus on the negative will even get bent out of shape over issues that are not remotely related to them and are not particularly important or newsworthy. .Some people seem to be born pessimists, they worry about everything and when there is nothing for them to really worry about in their own life they will go searching until they find something.

It pays to be positive the benefits are not to be ignored!   Besides positivity being a good way to live your life, there are numerous other benefits to living a positive life over 50:

·    Longevity-it’s possible positive people tend to live longer because they have more friends, interests, and therefore they have purpose in their life.

·    Decision making- positive people are more likely to make better decisions makers

·    Problem solving – positive people will spend more time and effort on finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem.

·    Better all around results – When you have positive thoughts and attitude you will attract better results from whatever you are doing.

·    Positive people are attractive – they are fun to be around and usually have lots of friends and acquaintances.  Having social connections is one of the important keys to happiness

·    Less stress- Everyone has stress in their life even positive people. However, as well as having less stress they tend to manage it better  When you worry about everything and see things in a negative light constantly you are creating more stress for yourself.

·    General Health- If negativity causes additional stress and too much stress can increase your blood pressure and cholesterol then there is every reason to believe that positive people are generally healthier than negative people. When you reach life over 50 you need all the help you can get to remain healthy so be positive!

·    Successful relationships – when you are a positive person married to another positive person you have a far better chance of having a successful marriage. Even though you will have your ups and downs the up times will outweigh the down times.  And being better at finding solutions than focusing on the problem you will be more likely to resolve any issues much faster.

So how do you become more positive so that you can get more enjoyment from your life over 50? First make a conscious decision to pay attention to what is good in your life. Even if you feel your life isn’t great by any means, and the best thing that you can come up with is that you woke up this morning. Did you eat today? Did you talk to a friend, neighbour or family member?  Did the sun come out today? Did someone smile at you?  Sometimes in the beginning these may be the only things that you can come up with but they are all great things and positive things.

As you become appreciative of the simple thins in your life you will soon have many more things to be positive about.  If you keep a journal and write everything positive in it  each day, you will soon see how much you do have to appreciate and be positive about during your life over 50.

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