Choosing the Best Fly Fishing Rod

Having options in buying a fishing rod is definitely good. But sometimes, it gets confusing when you have too many selections to choose from. The information overload about numerous rods can be overwhelming, as you find yourself confused and indecisive which one to buy. The rod is the most indispensable tool in fishing. It ranges from various designs, sizes and brands. With thousands of fly fishing rods available in the market, how do you know which one is for you? What should you be looking for in a rod? Does this mean you must spend thousands of dollars just to get the best one? There might be several more questions on your mind that needs to be satisfied. The list of questions simply continues. Selecting the appropriate rod is a key decision for fly fishing anglers. A Fly fishing rod is about greater speed and lesser impact. Bass fishing needs stronger and longer rods to withstand greater impacts to the water, though these rods are not very user-friendly especially for beginners. Let me show you the top considerations in choosing the best fly fishing rod.

  • Fly Rod Weight – Also known as the fly rod number (#), the weight is categorized using a number system from zero and up. The most common range is from 0-12, though there are rods heavier than that. The principle is straightforward: the larger the number, the greater the weight of the fly rod and the greater weight of fish it can carry. Lighter rods, like the #3, are for catching smaller fish at ponds and streams. On the other hand, heavier rods are for trout and other larger fish. Some fishing enthusiasts consider #5 and #6 rods to be all-around rods as they can be used for lightweight and medium-weight fish.
  • Fly Rod Action – The term “action” refers to how flexible the rod is when it receives pressure from the cast. There are three classification of rod action: slow, moderate, and fast. Slow action rods offer the greatest amount of flexibility as they may bend over to underneath the rod. It gives you more feel in fishing but these kinds of rods are challenging to control and are not too suitable for beginners. So if you want to gain more control and still have some elasticity from your rod, then a medium action rod will suit you. This will give you enough flexibility and freedom in fishing. This is for those who are seeking to encounter a moderate amount of fishing.  Lastly, a fast action rod is the stiffest among the three as it will only bend in the tip as it gets pressure. These may give you lesser flex but will get you the greatest distance.
  • Remain Classical with Bamboo – The rebirth of bamboo in the fishing world has been so successful. Many have attempted to make bamboo-made rods obsolete by using other materials like fiberglass. They have come close but not quite. That is why the quality of bamboo in rods is still quite high on my list.

So these are my basic tips for selecting the right fly rod. Do not hesitate to seek more information about the type of rod that you have in mind.  Know your fishing needs in order for you to have a happy fishing experience!

By Michael Santos

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