Cruises For Over 50s

By Jason Black
By Jason Black

As you yourself are cruising over 50, how about thinking about a cruise specifically tailored to the over 50 crowd? There are all kinds of cruises out there, ones filled with oodles of kids, to bursting with party animals. Neither of these are the stage you’re at, so why be surrounded with people and activities that won’t interest you? The over 50 crowd has a maturity and sophistication all its own, yet is still eager to be active and engaged. A cruise can be memorable and fun, and most importantly relaxing and stress-free. You’ve earned it and now’s your time!

The world awaits you!

You may have had your standard set of family vacations over the years and traveled to a few places on business as well, but what about the places you’ve had bookmarked in your mind that you’d like to see? Want to travel to the Arctic or Antarctic, or someplace warm, such as Hawaii, the Caribbean or Costa Rica? How about a European cruise or one to the Galapagos Islands, or the Nile River? There are tons of inviting destinations to choose from. The world is literally your oyster in the world of cruising.Studies also show that by 2020, one out of every two travelers will be over 50 years old, so this is good news for you. You are a target market that is growing, and the travel industry will be increasingly dependent on your business.Activities and offerings

As an over 50 traveler, you have a great deal of life experience and have likely developed a wide variety of interests. Some of the interesting events that a cruise can offer are a variety of sports, music, dancing, art, wine appreciation, prominent speakers, lively entertainment if you choose, and lectures providing history and other details about the ports that the ship will visit. You can opt for shorter or longer cruises and then select from there the level of activity you wish to pursue.

Many people enjoy the ports of call. It’s a great way to check out new locations and decide if you would like to return another time to spend your vacation there. However, if you choose you can stay on board the ship to enjoy the many facilities provided there.

Most of the cruise lines also offer amenities for you to keep up your fitness regime with or just to pamper yourself. Gyms, fitness centers and spas are common on board, so mix this in with your menu of entertainment and excursions. The cruise lines also have a wide variety of dining options, and cater to special diets as well. This is important for those pursuing a healthier lifestyle that they wish to maintain.

A helpful hint – when searching for the right cruise for you don’t be put off by the term ‘senior’ – most companies now are terming 55 & up, a senior category. Oftentimes with the cruise lines, they only require one person to be 55 years old or older. The great news is that these categories are often discounted, so not only can you get away for a relaxing, fun time, but you can also save money doing it!
Keep on Cruising!

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