Baby Boomers-Popular Hobbies and Interests During Retirement Years

The Baby Boomer generation has a novel concept of what they envision their retirement to look like. While generations past had relatively short retirements,  10-20 years in duration, Baby Boomers are retiring younger and living longer, giving them more opportunity to explore their interests and hobbies. A recent AARP study examining the plans of the Baby Boomer generation completed in 2009, found that the group anticipates spending their time working, traveling, exploring new hobbies, volunteering and starting new business ventures.

Working During Retirement

While many Boomers don’t need to work for financial reasons during retirement, many are choosing to. Part time jobs in areas of interest, full time consulting work and even starting a new business are some of the options this generation has to consider.


Many Boomers are choosing to enhance their educations during retirement years, completing degrees, attending colleges through their adult learning programs to take courses of interest, learning new languages and even indulging in learning new crafts or skills. You could even attend a lecture or exhibit at your local museums covering a topic of interest. Check your local papers, community centers, local college and universities, and museums for information, class listings, and pricing. You will find many courses offered free of charge, as well as many affordable courses for retirees within your local community.

Learn at Home

Many start to learn to play an instrument when we are younger and put it aside only to regret it later. It really is never too late to pick that skill back up and become an accomplished musician whether it’s the guitar, piano, drums or other instrument. Many have found this is one of the best things that they could have done for themselves as they approach  their retirement years. It is easy to learn these skills at home with the Legacy Home schooling courses.
Home School Guitar Learning Systems

Due to the busy nature of the lifestyle that this generation just left behind (careers and families), many Baby Boomers are turning their attention to volunteering during their retirement years.  Most of us have interests and passions when it comes to helping others, whether they be focused on animals, cancer causes, children’s needs, domestic abuse, women’s specific needs and interests, education or health and wellness. There are organizations within every community, focused on one or more of these causes or interests. And, they would be happy to have you on board to help in whatever capacity possible. If you don’t have the financial means to donate capital, volunteer your time.

Community Organizations

In addition to volunteering, more and more Baby Boomers are joining community organizations during their retirement years. Ladies groups, tennis clubs, country clubs, gardening clubs, dinner clubs and more are becoming more and more popular amongst this generation. These groups offer the unique ability to combine passions of the members with social networking.


Baby Boomers are filling their retirement years with a variety of new and existing hobbies. What separates this particular generation apart from others is that the group at large is interested in exploring new areas, trying new things, and expanding their current list of hobbies, not just focusing their time on the same ole thing as their past. The great thing about hobbies is that the opportunities are expansive. And, hobbies fall into virtually every category imaginable and within every household budget.

Here are some possible hobbies to consider trying during your retirement years:
•    Collections- stamps, trains, figurines, antiques, dolls, comic books, and more!
•   Golf– This is a popular, traditional retirement past time for both men and women
•    Fishing– is a great, one that you can take your grandkids along with you.
•    Cooking- Many food lovers choose to take cooking and/or baking courses during retirement to enhance their skill sets and to learn and try new cuisines
•    Wine Collection- For wine lovers, collecting and learning about how to distinguish great wines from good wines is a popular pastime of today. Local wineries, wine stores, wine bars and even cooking schools or gourmet grocery stores offer courses and information for the taking. Then, if this interest becomes a true passion, organizations meet within most major cities to discuss and try great wines. You may even be tempted to add to your wine collection by attending a wine auction.

Your available options to consider engaging in during your retirement years are virtually endless. Try new things, stick with those that you like, and replace those that you don’t. Create whatever retirement vision you desire and enjoy this new beginning phase of your life.
Julie Welch

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