Fit Over 50

   Discover your own fountain of youth When people think of fitness, they automatically think of exercise, and of course, that is an important part of maintaining one’s health, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. Taking care of yourself is hands down the best fountain of youth that we know of. Don’t take […]

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Vancouver a Buzz 2010

Right now Vancouver is a buzz with the 2010 Olympic Games.  Some events are taking place almost on my doorstep. Everywhere you go you see the signs. There are people wearing red and white scarfs, mittens, sweat shirts and other Olympic attire. Vehicles are supporting flags, stores and businesses are dressed for the occasion too. […]

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How To Enjoy Recreational Fishing

Fishing the perfect activity for you I am not so sure if you will agree with me. But I find so much solace in the waters. Whether it is a pond or a beach, the peace and relaxation you can feel in the waves of the water simply drifts the anxiety that you have in […]

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