Photography As a Retirement Hobby

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Why you should take up photography

As a retirement hobby it’s a great choice. It’s something you can do without having to spend a lot of money, that is unless you are really serious and want to buy the more expensive camera and equipment.  Photography is a hobby that can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels. I know someone that’s confined to a wheel chair that has enriched her life with taking amazing photographs. Also it doesn’t take up a lot of space and you don’t have to get a lot of equipment to get started.

You can take classes at one of the photography shops in your area that offer lessons or possibly through your local community center.  You have another great option you can Learn and Master photography at home from an expert teacher.

Take photography lessons

Legacy Learning Systems have recently released a Learn and Master Photography DVD course so that you can learn to be a photographer from wherever you have a DVD player, on your computer TV or wherever.  Legacy Learning is renowned for turning out high quality training material in their Learn and Master Courses. They have already had excellent success with their learn and master Guitar, drums, piano, ballroom dancing and painting home courses now fortunately they have added the photography course.

The Learn and master photography course will take you from total beginner right through to knowing the secrets of the professional photographers. No more out of focus uninteresting pictures.  This is a great opportunity to get everything you need from start to finish; from beginner to intermediate it is all there in the Learn and Master Photography course.

A camera the perfect travel companion

In your retirement  years you may be planning to do some traveling when you know the secrets of taking good pictures this is a great opportunity to capture your travel experience and local interests in pictures. Maybe you are not aware but some people make money from selling their pictures to the tourist industry and even magazines, or by selling them on the BigStock or Istock photos site as Royalty Free images.

You may have a particular interest that you want to photograph such as animals, children, gardens and cooking. There are lots of subjects to choose from or maybe you just want to take better pictures of your grandchildren, family, friends and pets.  There are many wonderful ways to use your photography skills

The good the bad and the ugly photos

Over the years many of us will have taken photographs or had photographs taken of us, some good and probably some extremely bad.  With the digital cameras it has become a lot easier to get a decent picture than it once was. Those days of taking a picture only to find half of the subject missing from it, overexposed or bad lighting could be gone forever.  Looking back over old photographs can bring many a smile partly from the memories they bring up but also from the actual pictures with heads missing, someone’s ear or feet and no idea of who it is.

I have also seen some amazing photographs and have even taken some pretty good ones myself. Many captured pictures have a story behind them, and some pictures can even take your breath away.

The photos that got away

I missed capturing an absolutely fabulous picture one summer evening last year it was a sight that any photography buff would love to capture. I was alone driving west along the highway towards home.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a rare awesome picture of snow capped Mount Baker against a clear, brilliant blue, cloudless sky with a silver full moon sitting right at the top.

Although I have taken this route and seen Mt Baker many times I had never seen it like that before, and I probably won’t see it like that again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a safe place to pull over to get out of my car to take a photograph.  Once I had gone on just a bit further to a spot where it would have been possible to stop the whole picture had changed, the magic moment was gone. This has happened to me in other places a number of times, especially with the color of the sky; it changes so quickly if you don’t capture it at that very moment-it’s gone.

Capture memories with your camera

Taking a photograph is the best way to capture a moment in time, one that you can never go back to again. Photographs are a way to revisit a memory of a time, place or person which is another great reason for you to learn and master photography. We can keep an image in our minds only for so long and then it starts to fade. Looking at a photograph can refresh the image and keep it alive in our mind. Also seeing a picture of a loved one can be very comforting.

Cameras and photography in general have come a long way over the years. You rarely see anyone using actual film today, most use a flash card in their camera. Many use their phones to take pictures which are great in an emergency. Some like the digital and simple cameras and others like to have a camera with different lenses that they can attach to their camera that will usually give better results and offer more options.
Whichever you use it’s a really good idea to learn to use your camera properly so that you can get the most out of it.

It pays to take your camera with you so that you can capture the perfect moments.

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