Handy Tips for Finding a Quality Hotel in Mexico

With its affectionate hospitality, all-encompassing resorts and wonderful weather, it’s easy to see why millions of tourists flock Mexico each year. It’s easy to visit this land of beautiful beaches and

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta
Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta

margaritas and yet it can be rather difficult to choose a hotel that will give you the level of quality you are expecting.

There are literally thousands of hotels in Mexico and just like in other developing countries; there are so many different types of properties you can choose from. The drawback is that the majority of these properties are imperfect in terms of contemporary conveniences they offer.

All the same, this may possibly be precisely what you are looking for! In any case, here are some tips that will come in handy if you want to get a quality hotel in Mexico. The first thing that will give you a headache is the hotel selection process. You will have to consider the amenities available, price and location of the hotel.

So, how can one go about choosing a hotel with the best amenities, good price and in a wonderful location?

Because the Internet has lots of information, it’s probably a good idea to start with an online search. There are a number of online travel reservation services that you can use to compare hotel amenities and prices. They may also have reviews of particular hotels.

Some individuals are obsessed with a particular hotel chain so it’s vital that you check their website first. They may have discount rates or special bonuses available. Hotels chains like Marriott usually do this.Several hotels will offer a vacation package which includes a room with meals and other hotel amenities included in the package. This is rather a great way to increase expediency and cut costs.

It’s also good to check various pictures, maps and video clips which are found on the different hotel websites.

Look for reviews from other travelers who have ever stayed on that property. A simple online search will unearth several reviews about a hotel. You might want to use http://www.epinions.com/ as well.

There are a lot of different places where you can get independent hotel information. These are guides like PlacestoStay, TravelWeb and Mexico Hotel Guide.

It’s also vital that you look around for some hot deals. You may end paying too much if you don’t look for deals.

A hotel might be offering lower mid-week rates. This is mostly common amongst local hotels which can be found by reading travel bulletin boards and recommendations from sites like Tripadvisor.com.

Things to look for in a hotel
How do independent firms rate the Hotel in terms of customer service? You will want to stay in a hotel having a good customer service history.

If the hotel is part of a global franchise, make sure it’s a highly regarded property in that franchise.

The hotel should be located in safe area or town.

Make sure that there is no construction taking place nearby. This can be a real inconvenience and very noisy.

Other issues to consider include availability of public transport, restaurants, concierge, shuttle, fitness and aerobics room, local attractions, smoking rooms/non-smoking rooms, laundry service and other extra service.

I hope that you found the above tips useful. Remember that there are numerous great hotels in every locale of Mexico. Whether in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, you will find many reputable hotels that will have you visiting Mexico many times.

Contributed By Joe Odur

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