moving on

That Was Then-This is Now

Well, here you are. Your life is changing around you and you know that you have to adjust. You’ve passed your 50th birthday. Your family have grown and moved on with their lives. You begin to think you’re just not needed any longer and you wonder what your purpose in life is now. At a […]

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Learning To Live Alone After Losing A Partner

One of the most difficult things to do is to live a solitary life when the majority of one’s lifetime was spent with someone. Losing someone to divorce, separation or in the worst case, death, is devastating. Its impact to the individual is deep and intense. Having the old vigor in one’s self can be […]

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An Empty Nest-Time For Change

Ok, so the kids have grown and gone.  It might be they’re just across town or maybe they’ve moved across the country.  Regardless, they’re not home on a daily basis any longer and you miss them terribly.  What are you going to do about it?  Move in with them?!  That’s not a good idea. Haven’t […]

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