Top 10 Health Tips for Seniors

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Retirement does not necessarily mean retiring from what you used to do. The challenge for the senior years is staying fit and healthy to continue engaging in preferred activities and interests.

Health concerns are not only true for those over 50 but for everyone as well. In fact, the single most common cause of bankruptcy today is getting sick. Onset of a disease does not only mean robbing you of your income because you cannot work but also means tons of bills and expensive medication.

Staying in shape is important at any age and keeping a healthy lifestyle becomes more important as the body ages and you become older.

Contrary to the popular notion, you do not need to have a fancy gym membership to lead a healthy lifestyle. Looking into your daily routine and enhancing it with some healthy practices, life over 50 will certainly prove to be productive and fulfilling. Here’s how:Exercise.  Walk, swim and dance – these simple activities are not expensive and surely activities that you can manage. Anything that prevents you from being on the couch for the majority of the day is great way to help cardiovascular endurance, improve your flexibility, increase your muscle strength, improve your balance and reduce risk of diseases brought about by old age – such as osteoporosis.

Eat a well balanced diet. You have heard this before and you will continue encounter this in all health tips. No amount of exercise and vitamin supplements will keep you healthy if you take for granted a well balanced diet.

Stay Hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water.  It cleanses your body (minimize possibilities kidney stones) and helps your heart in functioning well. Also, you will look young and active with a

Seniors exercise together

natural glow on your face.

See your doctor and dentist – regularly. Most of those over the age of 50 have started experiencing some health problems but there are those who are stubborn and refuse to go to their physicians and dentist. You should visit and consult these professionals’ help regularly and try to implement all the suggestions and precautions given. You need to admit as a senior, your body isn’t as tolerant and enduring as you were in your teenage years.

Be happy. Loneliness and low self-worth may be prevalent for some of those in their retirement age.  You need to remind yourself that many did not get to see life beyond 50s. Looking back sadly at what you did before will not change things – knowing what to do with the years ahead is a better perspective. Stay connected with friends and family, and be contented with what you have.

Keep Busy. Keeping busy will stop you from getting bored as well as help with staying health both physically and mentally.  Whether you like to putter in the garden or look after the grandkids both will bring you some satisfaction which is really important. When you are bored you tend to dwell on the what if’s and the if only…

Help others. There are many ways that we can help others. You can become a volunteer at something that interests you where you can contribute to others. You can help out a neighbor or find someone elderly in your neighborhood that you can visit. It will not only help them but you too!

Make New Friends.  Even if you enjoy your own company it’s not healthy to be alone all of the time. We were not meant to be alone so be sure to stay in touch with old friends and meet new people that will hopefully become new friends. Again there are a number of ways to do this and sometimes you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone a bit. A great place to meet new people is at your local community/senior center.  Joining classes or groups for activities, volunteering and other things that get you off the couch could put you in touch with a new friend.

Find and interest or hobby.  When you find something that you enjoy doing it’s amazing how you can get lost in it and before you know it hours have passed by.  When you lose track of time doing something it is a good sign that it’s something that you really like to do. When you do something that is a chore often time seems to drag.  There are so may choices today for indoor and outdoor activities, some you can do alone and others you need a partner for.  Find what’s right for you.

Keep on Learning. Things are always changing and there is always lots of interesting new things to learn. Don’t become boring by not staying in touch with what’s going on. Lots of seniors are taking to the internet if you haven’t done so yet consider it. Don’t let it stop you going out or become a substitute for connecting with real people use it as a place to find information and to stay in contact with people that you cannot meet up with. There are classes available for seniors to learn more about using the internet.

Staying healthy as seniors is not that hard – follow some simple routines which can be easily included in your daily life without much effort. Most likely you know them already but now is the time to get started.  Remember health is not just about physical health it is also about emotional and mental health too! Keeping these health tips is your overall insurance policy against any future boredom and lonliness. You will be glad you did.

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