aging parents

Aging Parents

There are times when something happens that really brings home to us the reality of aging. One of these times is the realization that our own parents are aging fast and becoming frail.  This is often accompanied by ill health. We don’t want to focus on getting old but unfortunately we can’t stop it from […]

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Retirement Living- Making Decisions

Once we are into our 50s and 60s most of us start to give a lot more thought to where and how we are going to live as we continue to age. Retirement living and making decisions of where you are going to possibly spend your final years is a scary thought, but something you […]

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Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia-Keep your Brain Active

You may have noticed recently that there has been a considerable amount of talk about dementia and Alzheimer’s in the news. With such a huge aging population this is obviously a global concern. I read that every five minutes there will be a new case and that and this will increase to every two minutes […]

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Concerns for Aging Parents

As we reach 50 and over unless our parents have already passed on most of us will start having a number of concerns about our aging parents. The degree of assistance that you can personally provide them if and when they need it will depend a lot on whether you live close to them, also […]

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