Keep on Learning Over 50

Lifelong Learning is the goal of many and it is vital for keeping an active brain in good shape. It stops us from becoming a boring person and from becoming bored. There are so many things to learn we should never run out of ideas nor will we ever know it all. There’s so much information to be learned about numerous topics, plus learning new skills and activities.

If we are going to put in the effort to learn something new it usually relates to an interest we have or it’s something that we need to learn. And sometimes it’s something entirely different that will catch our attention, something that we never thought we would take up as an interest or hobby.

Is music something that you enjoy? Could something music related be an interest in your future? Music is such a great way to connect, give pleasure and enhance moods. There are so many types of music and so many ways to get enjoyment from it. Whether it’s just listening to it, or participating by playing an instrument, singing or dancing.
It’s never too late to learn something new!

If you were going to learn a new music related skill what would it be? I absolutely love music and always have. It can put me in a totally different mood and lift my spirits in no time. I particularly love the sound of a guitar. If I had my time over again I am sure I would choose music and dance for a career.  I really admire a musical talent.  I’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar but as yet, I haven’t got around to it. When I do I will get a learn at home program as I like to repeat and repeat until I know that I have got something and I like to do things when I have the time and motivation so learning from DVDs will be good for me. Maybe next winter it’s going to happen. It’s easy to ask ourselves “what does it matter” if we don’t try the things we always wanted to learn or try.  The truth is WE CARE! It’s important to us. Whenever we don’t follow through with something we truly want we are letting ourselves down. This affects our confidence and self esteem.

Play Guitar

Have you ever gone to the beach or to a barbeque with a group of friends with and a guitar player?   It’s such a fun, social way of being with friends and family.  A guitarist is always a welcome guest to a party or social event.  Even if you don’t play an instrument you can just relax and listen or join in by singing songs we know and love.
Many of us may have started to learn an instrument in our younger years and much to our regret never continued with it.

Play Piano

When I was about 12 years of age my parents wanted me to learn to play the piano. One of our neighbor taught piano lessons so I had no excuse. The problem was it wasn’t something that I really wanted to do at that time in my life. Although I didn’t take lessons for long I did learn and retain something.

How I wished I had kept up those lessons. Just recently I listened in to someone I know who is a wonderful at playing the keyboard. I felt quite envious and at the same time a bit sad that I too may have been as talented had I stuck with it. I‘m sure that many of us have done similar things that we now regret. But don’t despair… It’s not too late!

Especially as we get older and have more time, we need hobbies and interests.  Why not have it be something that you’ve always wished you could do.  You may not cut a CD but you can have fun and entertain yourself and others while achieving a life-long desire

Play Drums.

Drummers tend to spend more time in the back ground of a band than other members. The guitarist and vocals tend to be more to the forefront. However it would be difficult to have a good band without a drummer. Given their turn the drums can be very exhilarating. For some people they just don’t want to be in the forefront. My young grandson is taking drum lessons. It’s something that he chose to do.  His dad bought him a really good drum set a few years ago. His sisters are not too happy about it, but he keeps on practicing anyway. He’s beginning to sound pretty good. Is drumming your choice?

Learn to Dance

Dancing is such a great sport. Yes, it is actually regarded as a sport now. I did hear that it’s possible that it will become an Olympic sport. With so many talented dancers around the globe it would be very welcome by a lot of us that enjoy watching. If you check out a real dancer they have amazing bodies too. They are so well proportioned and look amazing. Dancing is a great way to get exercise without it really feeling like exercise or that it’s a chore. It’s also very social and fun. So if you have never danced or danced but never felt you have reached a level where you would like to be it may not be too late. There are so many types of dances to choose from. Ideally you will learn a variety from ballroom to Latin and swing. It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends too.

Of course music is not the only thing that you get learn, the list of ideas is endless, and there are so many ways to learn a new skill. Discover what interests you and get started.



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