Golfing for the over 50`s

Reaching 50, despite the psychological effect it has on some, is absolutely not “getting old” in today`s society. In fact, it is barely middle age and allows plenty of time to try out new things and enjoy fresh experiences.

Health Benefits of Golf

It is important to note that being in as good as possible shape physically will greatly enhance the quality of life from the 50s up to and including the retirement years. Inactivity can make any individual more prone to a variety of age- and stress-related illnesses and conditions, such as depression, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity and osteoporosis, along with increased risk of cardiac disease and stroke. Finding a hobby that involves some regular, physical exercise will greatly reduce these risks and also improve mental alertness, as physical and mental fitness are inexorably linked.

Such exercise need not take the form of strenuous cardiovascular workouts in a gymnasium, but a little gentle, regular exercise, particularly in an outdoor environment, can greatly aid both health and mood. From this perspective, golf is an ideal pastime, being both enjoyable (if initially a little frustrating) and providing as much or as little physical activity as required by a particular individual. This can vary from a gentle practice “workout” on the driving range to a 9-hole or full 18-hole round, depending on initial fitness and the physical demands of the golf course. Additionally, negotiating a golf course presents many different thought-provoking challenges, ensuring that the golfer remains mentally alert. Furthermore, the picturesque setting of most courses is a great aid to stress relief and relaxation. Social Benefits of Golf

Aside from the positive effects on both physical and mental health, golf offers many social benefits and the opportunity of making new friends. The majority of golfers are most welcoming to newcomers to the game and those starting out as a “solo” player, will find few difficulties in finding playing partners. The golf course is an ideal place to become better acquainted with colleagues and friends, as 4 hours in each others` company, walking or riding around the course, will certainly lead to a closer relationship, especially with the common interest of successfully negotiating the holes. Golf is an excellent game to improve family communication, with many golfers teaching their children and / or grandchildren to play the game. Golf widows / husbands have become a thing of the past, with many couples enjoying a relaxing round of golf together.

Joining a golf club can be expensive, but offers a major boost to the social aspect of the game, creating the chance to meet new, interesting, like-minded people. Meeting for a drink at the “19th hole” following a round creates great camaraderie between golfers. Many clubs have veterans` societies, which organize both golfing and social events for the over-50s. Regardless of playing partners and opponents, a golf club provides a great setting for social gatherings, making golf a leading social sport. High-quality Callaway golf clubs are produced which will ideally suit the older golfer, who will often have a slower golf swing speed, perhaps accompanied by a few minor physical ailments.

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