Fishing Fun for Beginners

by Shirley PriceFishing is a fun and relaxing activity that attracts people of all ages. Regardless of if you are in your teens, fit and over 50 or 70 plus and slowing down a bit fishing allows you have a hobby whileFly Fishing Fun spending some quiet time in nature with family and friends.

The advantages of fishing are many, besides the benefits of being out in the fresh air and the relaxation aspect; one of the other great things is that kids can do it too. If you are a grandparent it’s a great way to spend time connecting with your grandkids.  You may even want to spend some bonding time with your own kids.  Fishing is a great opportunity to do this.

Fresh water fishing is very popular you can catch fish in rivers, streams and lakes. This makes it accessible to many. Fishing is challenging so you can acquire a lot of skill over a period of time but you need patience too. My son-in-law and grandsons loved to fish, they would be out all day at one of the local lakes, sometimes they caught fish and other days they were not so lucky, but they still had a good time either way.

Before deciding to take off to your local lake or river be sure that you have checked out the local licensing requirements. You should be able to find out this information at your local sporting goods store; you may even be able to get your fishing license there. While you are there you can check out what fishing tackle you will need.

If you’re a beginner buy the basic beginner equipment. If you don’t already know, ask what you need and how to use it. Leave the more expensive equipment until you are sure that you will continue to pursue this sport and you also have a bit more experience to use it. To Start with you need a rod, reel, and fishing line, you also need a float, hooks, weights, lures and net.  Make sure that you always have a hat to protect your head and some polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes as well as reducing the glare making it easier to see into the water.

Be sure not to go fishing alone in the event of an emergency you should have someone to help. Although the fish are found in deeper waters you actually should begin in shallow waters and cast to deeper waters preferably around shady and rocky areas.

To get used to your rod and reel practice casting, remember don’t cast with your arm, you use your wrist.  Also remember that fishing hooks need to be handled with great care and that you also have to be vigilant of who is around you before you cast.

Find out the best fishing spots and get out there and enjoy yourself.

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