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How to have younger looking skin

There are so many changes to contend with once your over 50.  One of the big changes we have to adjust to is how we change physically, especially our face as that’s how people recognize you. Besides that it often affects our self image.   Some age much better than others and manage to maintain a youthful look longer.  Others notice a tired puffy look to their face, or crows-feet and fine lines which make them feel even older.

You may see someone you haven’t seen for 20 years but you recognize them immediately. Others you have to do a double take, you’re thinking it sort of looks like them but is it really. Would people you haven’t seen in a number of years recognize you?

How do you perceive yourself when you catch a glimpse of your own face in the mirror or a photo?  The truth is most of us are way too hard on ourselves and usually we aren’t that happy with what we see.

Reverse Aging Skin

How would you feel if you could lift tone and firm your facial muscles in less than 5 minutes a day with a natural system consisting of an energy optimizing wand and natural anti aging face cream that leaves your skin feeling softer and looking firmer, healthier and younger-looking after the first treatment? Quickly reverse a decade or more of aging from your face…

Besides getting older, signs of aging can also be due to a build-up of toxins in your skin cells. As well as taking a toll on your skin, toxins can create problems for your entire system. And today there’s no shortage of toxins in our environment.

They are in the air you breathe, what you eat, they’re in the products you use to keep your home clean, they are also in the personal hygiene products you use.  These chemicals, pollutants and heavy metals are everywhere.  They are also in the makeup and lotions you use on your face and body. They speed up the aging process and break down collagen and so much more. If you’ve also noticed acne, leathery skin, and or dryness, it’s time to take care of your aging skin naturally.

Buy all natural skin care products

If you don’t already, buy all natural skin care products as it’s time to start clearing out those harmful aging toxins.

Here’s a great system to do it. Check out the Tru energy skin care system it’s like a natural facelift that you do at home with the energy optimizing wand and all natural skin products. It’s an affordable and non invasive system with a 30 day trial period. You can’t really get better than that. The company has to be very confident in their product to make such an offer.

Naturally tighten skin

Recent studies show that energy frequencies can significantly increase and speed up skin repair. This  Magic “wand” erases a decade of aging from your face [WATCH!] Remember that you can try this natural facelift system at home at no risk to you for 30 days.  Also these advanced skincare products are something you won’t find anywhere else.

They have a PDF available with a list of all the ingredients used in all 5 of their face products…

  • Protective Therapeutic Daytime Treatment
  • Restorative Nourishing Overnight Treatment
  • Intensely Anti-Aging Facial Serum
  • Gently Clarifying Facial Cleanser
  • Deeply Purifying Facial Scrub

Ready to feel younger and more beautiful?

Here are 10 more things that you can do to help your skin and your health in general.

  1. Drink plenty of water. …
  2. Eat foods with antioxidants. …
  3. Have a rainbow-colored plate of food. …
  4. Eat organic foods. …
  5. Limit the time your skin is exposed to the sun…
  6. Opt for natural skin and other products.
  7. Consume more healthy fats.
  8. Exercise, fresh air and adequate sleep…
  9. Keep Stress in Check. …
  10. Improve Your Air Quality.

Before thinking of a plastic surgeon or even non surgical facelift options

Although a non surgical facelift may be pain free these treatments can still set you back anywhere from $1800 to several thousand dollars.  Here are some of the treatments available, LED, Botox, Filler, Thermage, Laser treatments, IPL intense pulsed light, and fat transfer.  These treatments may not require surgery but while are non invasive if you want all natural treatment that is way more affordable  learn more here.


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