4 Simple Ways To Create Better Work Life Balance

Where does work end and your own life begin?

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In this day and age it’s become a problem for many.  Today’s technology has created a monster for so many people in the workplace.  Now they can be tracked down day or night by certain bosses that seem to have little or no consideration, or respect for the employees own time.

With certain professions being available is necessary and has always been a part of that career choice, doctor’s, realtors, emergency responder in various fields etc. The difference is that they knew what they were signing up for, being on call is part and parcel of their job description, plus they usually get financially compensated for that inconvenience.

Is bugging employees really necessary?

Texting employees out of work, wanting questions answered or whatever has become the norm for so many. These are often not emergency situations and are usually things that could have easily been dealt with on the next work day.

Now there is little separation between work and personal life leaving a growing number of people struggling with their work-life balance.

Workers expected to be available 24/7

A large percentage of American workers feel their job demands them to be available 24/7 since they can check in from anywhere using their smartphone or computer. Some are okay with this situation and don’t see it as a problem. Others find it very intrusive.  This type of constant availability can take a toll on both a person’s mental and physical health.

Everyone needs time for themselves

Everyone need down time, a time to yourself without having to think about your work or wondering if and when an unwanted call or text will disrupt that personal time. As humans we need to socialize, relax, and take care of  ourselves in order to stay happy and healthy.

Here are four simple ways to revamp your work-life balance:

  1. Get Unplugged from your gadgets
    With so many addicted to their phones we know that it’s easier said than done. Avoid checking your phone for work matters after hours. Constantly  checking for messages may have become a habit you wish you’d never started.  If you are really honest with yourself, most work-related matters can easily be put off until the next day. It’s time to set some new ground rules by letting your coworkers know that from here on you won’t be returning emails, calls, or texts after hours regarding work. They can be ready for this change making it easier for you to unplug from work when you get home each evening and on the weekends in order to reclaim your home life.
  2. Work Smarter
    A starting number of Americans are working more than 50 hours a week. If you can’t seem to get all of your work done in the usual allocated 40 hours you aren’t alone. Your first thought maybe that you want to lessen the amount of work designated to you. However, before you decide to go to your boss to ask for your workload to cut, take a careful look at how you are actually spending your time at work.

Track it for a few days and see what’s causing you fall behind forcing you to stay late each night and or come in early each morning in order to catch up. You may be surprised by making a few changes or by eliminating unnecessary distractions and other time-wasters just how much of a difference it can make to your work day.

3. Take a Stay-Cation
Another vital way to get your work-life balance in order is to use all of your vacation days. Many employees lose necessary time with their family, friends, even for themselves because they don’t take all of their vacation days.  In some cases they don’t have any vacation days at all.

It can lighten the load if you can schedule the occasional day off here and there to enjoy “stay-cations.”  rather than using all your holiday time in one long vacation. Breaking it up like this will give you short breaks to rejuvenate catch up and give you the mental health days you need while ensuring you don’t come back to an overwhelming mountain of work.

4. Take the plunge and delegate

Many of us grew up hearing, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Unfortunately, this creates an extra burden for you when it gets to the point where you feel you can’t delegate any tasks. If you constantly think they won’t get done correctly by another person or that they’ll end up back in your lap maybe in a worse shape than before you’re creating a rod for your own back.

If you are overseeing projects, have employees you manage or people you outsource projects to, it’s important to take the time to properly train them right upfront. Make sure they know exactly how to do the things required. 

Once they understand your specific requirements, you’ll be able to hand off more work and cut yourself some slack.

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