Work at Home Job Ideas for Senior’s

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If you are thinking about how you will manage financially during your retirement years you are not in alone.  For the over 50s age group one of the major questions most people have is

Computer Work

how they will meet their financial needs and pay their bills when they retire. This is especially relevant in today’s ever changing economic environment.  With all of the problems that have arisen over the last years many people are re thinking their financial future.

Working at home has become a popular way to make extra money for numerous individuals. It’s an ideal situation for seniors that want to make some additional income and still have the flexibility they desire.

If working from home is something that you have considered there are a number of options that could be open to you. A lot will depend on your skills and the requirements of employers. You may work for someone else or choose to have a home based business.

Whatever you choose it’s really important that you put adequate time and effort to check things out upfront to be clear of the expectation of both parties and save yourself a headache down the road.
Once you’ve made up your mind what you want you can start your search.  You will find a number of sites with work at home opportunities on the internet.  A word of warning though…if you decide to follow up with something that you find interesting you have to be careful that they are legitimate opportunities.  If they are genuine they should not ask you for money upfront.

A number of companies have work at home employees but it’s not just companies that hire employees to work at home fultime. There are many people that freelance.

Sewing Jobs

Many of the work at home opportunities require that you have some internet skills and access to a computer.  If computer work is something that appeals to you but you either feel your skills are not up to date or that you have never had the skills but would like to, there are numerous opportunities to learn computer skills.

Jobs at home are especially ideal for seniors and stay at home moms. It gives the stay at home moms the opportunity to be at home for their children and seniors the opportunity to subsidize their pension or give them that little extra for a vacation or a few extras as well as an interest.

There are many seniors that did all the right things and thought that they would have adequate funds available for their retirement years. Sadly many of them have found their retirement hopes dashed. With so many of the aging population that have lost so much money from their savings, retirement plans and investments they are looking for other ways to manage.

There are also the over 50s that for one reason or another never got around to investing for their future.  This means there is a huge number of concerned retirees looking for ways to bring in some extra

Gardening Jobs

income to compensate for what they have lost or to make ends meet.

When looking for work to do at home think about what others may need help with?

One thing to remember is that there are many businesses out there where the owner can’t do everything, and they don’t always want to hire someone full time.  Even if the business owner is physically capable of doing certain aspects of their business sometimes they just do not want to or don’t have the time. Often it makes more sense for them to put their expertise to better use and choose to delegate other jobs.

Retired teachers – Parents need tutors for their children for maths, languages, music etc .
Former office workers – Virtual Assistants are becoming very much in demand. Many people need assistants to do various administrative and clerical jobs. Some people only need to hire help for 2-3 hours a day, or maybe one or two full day a week depending on their needs.  If you have 2 or 3 clients like this it may be all you require.

These are just a few ideas of jobs at home.

Transcription is an option for many that have some knowledge in this type of work. You may be required to take some training, but transcribing documents is in demand. A lady that I know transcribes for a number of doctors.

Writing is another option. If you have a flair for writing and the English language there are many companies and small businesses that need articles and reports written.

•    Data Entry

•    Customer Service

•    Book Keeping

•    Accounting

•    Sewing

•    Knitting

Think about what you can do and if others could need this service. One lady I know takes in ironing. These days many people don’t iron anything but this particular lady has more than she can keep up with at times. Keep an open mind.  Check out what options are available.
A home based business could take you out too. A little housekeeping here and there will suit some retirees or babysitting, become a companion to the elderly or housebound. People want odd jobs done in the house or garden.

Check it out and pick something that will fill your needs too! It can become a win-win situation.

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