The Importance of Personal Mobility for Over 50s and Any Age.

As we reach the over 50 age group we become much more aware of the fact that we are really aging. We start to think of what our future holds as an older person, as a senior.  We become more aware of our personal fitness level and health, or lack of. As we see those older than us walking with walkers and on mobility scooters we are constantly reminded that the next 10 to 20 years or so could hold some major changes and challenges for us. Challenges that we would prefer to avoid as long as possible.  We want to maintain our freedom of independence and mobility to be able to continue to do the things that we have learned to take so much for granted.

Staying mobile is such an important part of our existence.  Even the disabled are able to be mobile with the assistance of modern wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walkers that were not as user friendly or easily available to generations before us.

Obviously we want to avoid having to rely on anything but our own body to get us around for as long as possible, so we have to look after it. Exercise is a crucial part of staying fit and active, but sometimes even regular exercise doesn’t guarantee that we won’t need assistance at some time in our life.

Think of the freedom that devices like the mobility scooters have given to many that would otherwise have been confined to their home, or be dependent on others to take them out. They are able to get around do their own shopping and keep appointments giving then the independence that we all want and need. It’s not just the elderly either. There are young individuals that have become less able due to accidents, M.S, Parkinson’s and other conditions, as well as the very young that are born with a disability. Mobility affects us all and we all want it, so when something new comes up that could change lives and could possibly increase the quality of life for many us then we want to know about it-Right?
I came across these very interesting videos of Honda’s amazing innovations. This could be really helpful to many if it ever comes to the marketplace and becomes affordable. My concerns would be falling of the one that you sit on and that the other one that supports the body does look pretty uncomfortable.

Enjoy and be amazed!

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