Recreational Vehicle Use for the Over 50s – Facts to Consider

When you reach your 50s, there will be some changes in your day to day routine. Sometimes, the active lifestyle that you used to have slows down a bit. But there are several ways for you to adjust positively and still be able to live to the fullest. For instance, you can certainly involve yourself in several recreational and social activities.

RVs symbolize mobility and belongingness at the same time. You can keep yourself mobile and be almost always on the go. This is the reason why recreational vehicles, also known as RVs, have gained popularity among this age group especially among retirees.

These vehicles have many uses from short relaxation and leisure activities like camping, road trip and vacations, to full-time living. Usually, those that live in their RV’s full or part time stay in special residential trailer parks. These can be found in both in tourist areas and sometimes big cities. Besides owning one, an RV can also be rented.

The lifestyle of recreational vehicle users is called by several people as H.O.W or “Houses on Wheels”. The term is especially labeled among full-timers, though it can be also used among vacationers on wheels. Snow birding is done by travelers to escape from the freezing winter by traveling south to warmer places. They travel back home after the cold season is over.

In North America, the word recreational vehicle usually refers to an automobile that has home amenities – from the kitchen, to the living room, to the bathroom, and of course the bedroom. They are also occasionally used as mobile offices for businessmen and it has certain specifications like a desk space, a generator, an improved electrical system and wireless Internet. In Australia, travelers take a trip north in winter using a recreational vehicle to experience a warmer weather and then go back south for at the start of spring until summer. There are also “modern grey nomads” who continuously travel with an RV around the country that have already sold their traditional homes.There are distinct advantages of having an RV. You do not have to pay for a mortgage and rent of a condo or something similar. Food preparation can also be done with ease plus you have control over your diet. You can save money as compared to eating in restaurants. Just make sure you park in the right place because towing rates can be expensive if you stay at the wrong one. Also be prepared for gas consumption and in the event that oil prices soar up  (which it seems to do a lot these days).

There are so many models of RVs you can choose from. The more sophisticated it is, of course, the heftier the price tag. Some can be as low as $10,000 or even less and can be as high as $2.5 million. From the household generic term Winnebago, to Jayco, among others, the interiors and the overall makeup of a recreational vehicle varies with different models. They address specific needs of people, so just make sure you will be able to purchase or at least rent the one that best suits you for comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Among the over 50s R.Ving is a very popular and great way to travel. Having an H.O.W. is a lifestyle decision. Like any large purchase it is always smart to try before you buy. Purchasing an R.V is a great example of this and trying it out first to see if it’s what you expect would be the sensible thing to do. Before you commit to buy, estimate your need of owing an RV and the time spent using it. Keep yourself mobile and free. Let’s all live life to the fullest!
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By Michael Santos
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