Early Discount Cruises or Last Minute Cruise Deals – Which is Better?

By Brian A Schmidt Publisher www.a1-discount-cruises.com Guest Writer.

When we retire we have the luxury of waiting until the last minute to book our vacations. Often we are waiting for those “Last Minute Deals” because we feel that they are the best deals and we can leave at the drop of a hat. Are Last minute deals really the best offer you can receive for cruise vacations? It has seemed that that is the case. However there have always been some great early booking discounts available as well.

When talking about cruise deals, the vice president of marketing for Avoya Travel / America’s Vacation Center, Jeffrey Anderson says “This year the lines are focusing on early bookings”. These discounts are offered for cruises booked in advance by 120 days up to a year. When offering early discount offers the cruise lines seem to be concentrating on one cruise type at a time. They may have an early booking deal for a Caribbean Cruise one week. Then, two weeks later that deal is off the plate and Alaskan cruises are the focus. It’s best to “jump in” when these offers are made. That way you can get the cabin that you desire and at a discounted price – the best of both worlds.

Prices do seem to be slightly higher this year presumably because of the Mega ships being able to command higher rates. However the value for your dollar is as good or better because of the enhancements that cruise lines are making to their products. According to two of the large on-line cruise retailers this January has been their best ever. They are seeing strong cruise booking for November and December as well as April and May. One of these agencies is also experiencing fantastic sales for summer cruises. These travel agencies are already seeing stateroom categories selling out. In some cases entire cruises are close to selling out. One thing to be aware of is that travel agencies are booking entire block of rooms for their exclusive selling. Because of this they are allowed to offer specials or amenities the cruise lines are not offering. So in some cases you can get even greater value by booking through a travel agency than you would by booking directly with the specific cruise line. Don’t forget to mention that you are Seniors. You deserve every break you can get! When you find a specific cruise that you would love to be on, it’s best to get the benefit of a great deal – an early booking discount – and get the stateroom of your choice. In some cases you may even get upgraded to a higher stateroom category. How great is that? You get a deal on a fabulous stateroom and receive an even better stateroom than you paid for! Find out more about cruises and cruise discounts at Discount Cruise Vacations. Check out the fantastic Caribbean Cruises, Alaskan cruises and discover some fabulous CruiseWear and Swim Wear.

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