Don’t Pack On The Pounds Over The Holidays

By Shirley Price

Holiday festivities whether at home or away usually mean extra food, drinks and treats. And as much as we are determined not to gain weight during those times most of us give in to the

Holiday entertaining

temptations. Some times it’s just being away from your normal surroundings and having healthy food at hand that can be difficult.  when you are in someone else’s home that may not be into eating in a healthy way it is more difficult to prepare just for yourself.

How much damage can you do? Well it depends on some of your choices and how long you celebrate for. It also makes a difference how you prepare yourself and what changes you make in advance to allow for those extra treats. It is possible to not gain any weight if you’re careful and serious about what you want.

A good place to start is making a list of the events that you plan to go attend.  Once you know that you’ll have a good idea of what type of temptations will be there.  If you know you are going to an event that is going to cost you a lot of calories it’s definitely a good idea to cut back during the day by having small healthy meals in preparation for the event so that you can indulge a bit without paying for it later.

One good thing about cocktail parties is that you mostly stand around and chat to people often with a drink in one hand which makes it pretty difficult to hold a plate and eat at the same time as chatting. This is one way to keep things under control and make sure you don’t over indulge. Talking with your mouth full or juggling plate, glass and trying to eat food at the same time can be undignified and make it not worth the hassle, so keep up the talking and save your calories for another time. From my experience I eat or should I say nibble less at a cocktail party than almost any other time.  

Healthy Eating

The drinking and driving laws are tough so offer to be the designated driver. This is another way to save on calories, stay safe and help keep others safe too.  If you go with the attitude poor me I won’t be able to enjoy myself because I can’t have a drink, guess what you won’t enjoy yourself.  If you go with the right attitude you can still have a good time and not have to have alcohol to make it happen.

Writing down what you eat and drink will really help to keep you on track.  When you write everything down it’s amazing how aware you become to just how much you do consume in a day.  It’s easy to forget what you pick at between meals that add up and make a difference over the days and weeks.

Being more active will also help out and be sure that once the holiday is over that you get back on track. From my experience and others I know there’s way more damage done after the holiday by eating and drinking the extra stuff or just not being firm with yourself and saying this is it, I am done!  I speak from experience I have been determined to get back to my normal eating habits as soon as I get home but find the longer I leave it the more I crave the foods that do the damage. it created a vicious circle.

Get rid of the extra goodies, remember  that you really don’t have to eat them.  If you don’t make the changes back quickly then it becomes a new habit and a downward spiral away from what you really want.

The key is if it’s a special occasion enjoy yourself,  indulge a little if you want to but don’t keep on indulging.  Get back to your normal way of eating as soon as the holiday is over. If you have been working hard to lose a few pounds and then feel you’ve blown it just get over it and get back on the wagon and move on.

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  1. Tis the season to indulge! Seriously though, we all know that good food will flow during the Holidays and we should enjoy SOME of it. We are all aware that is is easy to pack on some quick pounds so just need to be moderate in our eating. Smaller portions, no seconds, lots of water along the way (good for feeling full as well as diluting alcohol!), and when we feel full, it is time to stop. Easy to say, not so to follow, but we will thank ourselves come 2011! Happy Holidays!

    • admin
    • December 15, 2010

    Of course don’t forget to drink water that is so important! Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!

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