Cheeky Monkey’s Drinking Alcohol.

If  you ever take a vacation to   Saint Kits in the Caribbean watch out for the Alcoholic Vervet monkeys. You may not have drunk  as much as you thought you had with these cheeky monkeys around to drink your drinks for you. The good thing is you won’t be the one suffering the hang over like you thought but they will!

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  1. A cute movie too. Something to smile at unless it’s your drink they are stealing!

    • Jeff
    • August 8, 2010

    I really enjoy wine. I remember the first time I tried some when I was just 11 years old. My mom let me taste a bit of her red on Thankgiving. Right then and there I became a wine drinker. lol I would guess that I have tried quite a few hundred different wines over the years. It’s kind of fun tasting a new one and learning about how and where it was grown. I’ve been thinking about checking out a wine club lately and I’ve been thinking about this 4 Seasons club. I read a review about it on this site. Have you had any experience with it, or would you recommend any other wine tasting club?

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